Drivers about Stilo!

Sebastien LoebI have tested all brands of helmets and I found the Stilo products had the best quality of sound and were the most comfortable. The WRC’s fixed boom offers safety and a microphone that does not move it is easier to use
Sébastien Loeb

Sebastien OgierTo me Stilo helmets are just the best, in terms of comfort and light weight, look and the quality of the radio system
Sébastien Ogier

I have to say that when I used my Stilo for the very first time back in 2012 I was very impressed. The helmet feels really comfortable and it’s really really light. You can barely feel that you have a helmet on
Mikko Hirvonen

I have chosen Stilo because it gives everything I need! Safety, comfort and clear voice from my codriver!
Ian Kopecky

Since our first year in WRC (2008 JuniorWRC), we have been convinced that Stilo’s equipment would be the best available in Rally competitions. The quality of the radio system and the comfort of the helmet, but also, the additional protection due to the shape of the microphone boom, made us feel always safe. Six years after our first Stilo helmet, we can now add a star on it: the World Rally Champions’!
Julien Ingrassia

I drive with Stilo because it has the best sound quality between a driver and co-driver. It is comfortable to wear and meets all the requirements I look for in a rally helmet.”
Andreas Mikkelsen

I choose Stilo WRC helmet for its stylish design but more so it has excellent quality
in sound and very comfortable”
Dani Sordo

I choose the Stilo WRC because it is very comfortable and the sound quality is excellent”
Carlos Sainz

Stilo is all about understanding speed, lightness and safety to make you go faster”
Felipe Nasr

When I started to use Stilo I found a stunning helmet! Stilo staff is made of capable
professionals I immediately got along with. I am extremely satisfied with Stilo products performances and I won’t ever change.
Davide Valsecchi

I chose Stilo because from the first time I tried it I felt really comfortable with a nice quality interior and the excellent system which stops the noise from the wind or engine. The design is cool and different, now I’m lucky to use the lightest and safest helmet ever done
Lucas Ordonez

I moved to Stilo helmets during season (2011) and I immediately found myself at ease with it, especially since it’s really comfortable during the race and all is appointed to the finest details! The icing on the cake is the Racing Service, qualified and always attentive on racing weekends
Kevin Ceccon

Since 2010, I have been using a Stilo helmet, whether driving a prototype in endurance, GT or rallying. These helmets combine lightweight performance with comfort, which isn’t always the case. I’ve worn Stilo helmets while driving in all types of conditions and all types of cars. Each time, I have been satisfied
Romain Dumas

For me the Stilo Helmets are the most comfortable I have ever used and the very lightweight they have achieved, while maintaining the highest safety standards, mean that in the high down force cars I drive it is a definite advantage
Lucas Luhr

It’s not easy to find lightness, aesthetics and comfort all in one. This is my Stilo!
Alessandro Balzan

I’m very happy to work with Stilo. Their products are really useful for me. You can tell that Stilo took in consideration the needs of drivers, starting from the radio and drink system that can be integrated into the helmetto ear protections that reduce quite a lot all kind of sounds inside the car. I had a look to their new model “Zero” and I can’t wait to use it on track
Edoardo Mortara

The helmet is everything to drivers. With Stilo I found good comfort and excellent sound insulation. Thanks to a professiona Team, anything I require is satisfied
Gianmaria Bruni

I am very happy with my Stilo helmet as it is light, comfortable and with the great isolation from the noise enables an easy communication with the Team also thanks to the protection for the ears inside the helmet. Very clever, I like it a lot!
Olivier Beretta

Anytime I wear it, I enjoy feeling the lightness and comfort on my head”
Davide Rigon

Functionality, lightness and comfort, Stilo perfectly combines all these values. In our
world the helmet plays a key role and Stilo provides us with a product that reflects our tastes and our needs
Giancarlo Fisichella

I’ve been using Stilo for many years now. The latest “Zero” model offers the best comfort, audio, safety and weight. Relevant also is the service, we race all around the world and we always find Stilo’s assistance. Stilo embodies all values that a professional requires
Toni Vilander

In the Motorsport world, the search for the limit and quality are fundamental for performance, Stilo managed to merge all the best that a helmet can give in one product. I am proud of wearing such a high level Italian helmet racing all over the world
Augusto Farfus

The light weight of the Stilo Helmet combined with the ultra hard high-tensile carbon shell not only gives me a much safer feeling but also it exerts much less G-Forces during cornering. This lets me concentrate for longer periods of time without being distracted by a tired neck. I never thought that a few 100 grams or so would make such a big difference. Also I really enjoy the noise reduction through the ear cups. Japanese Super GT is extremely loud inside the cockpit and the Stilo Helmet makes a big difference here as well
Michael Krumm

Stilo renovated and came with a lot of new ideas on its helmets, such as space for the drinking system and the radio and pads for the ear, personally I’m a big fan of the pads because allow me to be more focused because the car noise is much lower. The other fantastic characteristic in Stilo is that they take care of the drivers, with personalized  helmets and very professional work
Filipe Albuquerque

For a driver there is nothing more personal than his helmet. Stilo helmets are good looking, superlight and high quality products so my choice of Stilo is simply logical
Patric Niederhauser

I really enjoyed working with Stilo for the last 2 years. They provide a top helmet,
the lightest I have ever had and an high quality and friendly service
Tom Dillmann

I have been in the Stilo family for a few years now, and it has been an amazing experience at all levels. I have an amazing product, the safest on the market, the lightest and the best looking as well ! but also I found a new family of supporting people and friends that answer my needs and support me every time I need it!
Tiago Monteiro

It is incredible how light the carbon Zero helmet is and as a driver you really notice the benefit over long stints
Oliver Jarvis

I chose Stilo because of its way of facing things, very close to mine. A helmet with a nice design and yet aggressive, reminding the mytical American helmets of the 80s, truly Italian like me
Gabriele Tarquini

In my view, Stilo can be summed up in 2 words: Design and Technologie. I have come to be a real fan of the brand! These helmets have a stunning design and from the usage side, even at professional level, everything is beyond reproach: comfort, perfect maintenance, light-weight, strength…I really feel safe even at a 340Km/h speed! Stilo is the best of the best!
Stephane Sarrazin