Stilo VerbaCOM Wireless Communication System - Car to two Pit Headset



Double kit Car-Box-Box (CQ0009)

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The very first communication system via telephone for competitions.
• Free usage: radio patents free.
• Full duplex: like in common phone calls you can talk at the same time.
• No connection limit: communication between two telephones has no distance limit and is not influenced by the circuit lenght.
• Professional voice quality: digital noise cancellation allows clear communications even in top Formulas cars.
• Competition dedicated functions: the software, particularly developed for usage in racing cars, assures easy usage during races and tests.
• The driver does not have to press any key to talk.
• Small dimensions and weight.
• Easy use and management.

The Bluetooth intercom (weight gr 66) can be fitted in the car and connected to the helmet with cable 3 or it can be fitted directly to the helmet and connected with connector 2. The second is an ideal solution in case of endurance races with drivers change as there is no cable connecting the helmet to the car and the drivers’ intercoms automatically disconnect and connect during the change.
Car and box technician telephones communicate continually. When the technician wants to talk, he presses the transmission key on the headset. When the driver wants to talk, he just can do it with no need for activations. Thanks to digital noise cancellation the technician does not hear background noises coming from the car even if the communication is always active. Should the connection fail, the system would automatically reconnect. The car telephone can be installed in any position: no wire connection to the Bluetooth intercom is required.