Stilo Radio Wiring Connection Cable for Yaesu Radio Vertex



1 Vertex 1: VX-160, VX-180

Dispatch Time:

10-14 working days

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Stilo radio wiring connection cables, to link your Stilo universal radio connection box (CG0007) with a variety or mobile radio units as listed below. See the large image with numbers, these correspond with the numbers in the list below.

Cables suitable for the following radio systems:

YD0202 Vertex 1: VX-160, VX-180
YD0203 Kenwood 1: TK-2140/2180/3140/3180
YD0204 Kenwood 2: TK-2160/2170/2202/3160/3170/3201/3202
YD0205 Motorola 1: GP300, CP Series
YD0206 Motorola 2: GP320/340/360/380
YD0207 Motorola 3: GP328
YD0208 Motorola 4: GM350
YD0209 Vertex 2: VX-220
YD0210 Universal cable
YD0211 ICOM IC-F51